Vacation-Like Wedding Venues

There are a lot of different places to have your wedding. You could have it at a hotel, a park, a farm, your home, and a variety of other places. These days, a lot of people are choosing to have outdoor weddings during the spring, summer, and fall. One of the reasons wedding reception venues have become so attractive is because they match the rustic theme that a lot of brides are trying to achieve without a ton of decoration. Below are some of the top outdoor wedding venues in Virginia.

  1. The Farm at Broad Run

The Farm at Broad Run is located just outside of Gainesville, Virginia (considered Northern or Central, Virginia). This charming little venue is a great spot for a wedding for many reasons. First, there is a beautiful fountain that is great as a backdrop for you and your honey to say your vows. Second, there is a house on the property that is perfect for you and your wedding party to get ready in before the big event. Third, there is a built in pavilion that allows for a nice dry area in case of rain. Finally, although this venue is big and flexible, it has a reasonable price for a wedding in Northern Virginia.

  1. Chestnut-Hill-Wedding-beautiful-outdoor-wedding-venuesChestnut Hill Bed and Breakfast

A bed and breakfast can be a great spot for a wedding because you can provide some of your guests with accommodations right there at the wedding venue. This is particularly useful for the newly married couple and the wedding party who may drink a little too much to be able to drive after the event is over. In addition to the convenient place to stay both before and after the big day, Chestnut Hill is also a very beautiful wedding venue. The venue was made specifically for weddings, so you can be sure that every detail will be perfect when you choose Chestnut Hill.

  1. Any Winery in Virginia

One of the most popular options for an outdoor wedding venue is a winery. Wineries provide the ultimate rustic experience, and although you may need to pay a little more to reserve the venue, you will save on decorations. Most wineries already have the rustic atmosphere that brides desire when going with an outdoor wedding. The barrels, the vineyard, and the wooden tables will help you save a lot of money on decorations. Having the decorations already done for you will also reduce your stress levels, so you should check out some wineries while searching for the perfect location.